Is Ankh Satanic or Illuminati ? /👁️\

Is Ankh Satanic or Illuminati ? /👁️\

The Egyptian ankh cross is a popular symbol among Christians. The ankh is a religious symbol that is believed to represent the cross of Jesus. But, some also believe it to be satanic and to be a symbol of the devil and his rites.

The ankh has also been linked to paganism and Satanism. Some believe the ankh to be a symbol of witchcraft and pagan worship. The ankh is also used in ceremonial magic and is often depicted in occultist artwork. 

Is Ankh Satanic or Illuminati ? The question often troubles Christians and people interested in esotericism.

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Why the Ankh is not Devil  

The egyptian ankh cross has been used for centuries as a religious symbol. The ankh cross is also known as the key of life, the crux ansata, and the crux gemmata.

However, it goes without saying that the ankh cross, born in Egypt long before the bible was written, cannot be satanic in the Christian sense of the term. In fact, strictly speaking, a satanic cross would be the cross of Christ turned upside down symbolically which is said to represent the devil's opposition to God.

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  • The Ankh cross represents the union of the male and female principles, forming a key that opens the doors to eternal life.
  • It is accepted today that we unconsciously seek eternity through reproduction and the transmission of our genes, with our children. Well, the ankh cross is closer to this state of mind than to a will to harm Christianity. Besides, if the Ankh cross was satanic, it would certainly not be worn by one of the oldest primitive churches, the Coptic Orthodox Christians.
  • Likewise, the Ankh Cross is much older than all the secret societies like the Bavarian Illuminati.
  • Finally, we must not forget that a symbol remains a symbol.
    The Hitlerian cross has for origin the swastika that we can found in Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Americas (pre-Columbian America among the Maya and Amerindian Navajos and Kunas) and Asia as far as the Far East, but used in a popular and systematic way in India, because of the high sacredness that this sign represents in Hinduism, but also and above all in Jainism (where it is particularly venerated).
    Does this mean that all these people and cultures were Nazi-friendly?
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The egyptian ankh cross is a popular symbol that is often associated with Satanism, witchcraft, and occultism. However, the ankh cross is not actually satanic. Many people believe that the ankh cross is satanic, but rather it is a sacred symbol of ancient egyptian gods and goddesses. 

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