What Is Moon Knight's Golden Ankh?

What Is Moon Knight's Golden Ankh?

Moon Knight is a marvel comic universe (MCU) anti-superhero. He also carries a golden Ankh with him at all times, which represents his vow to fight evil and protect those who can’t protect themselves. Does this mean the Moon Knight has some sort of deep connection to the ancient Egyptian deity? Let’s take a look at what this means and how it ties into Moon Knight's character. 

Moon Knight is a mysterious figure, especially for non-comic readers who might only know him from his appearances in Marvel’s Netflix series. Even though he’s been around since the ‘70s, little is known about him. That makes it all the more exciting when a new detail about him surfaces. There has been much discussion over Moon Knight’s golden ankh pendant, and here we will explore what it means and why it plays such an important part in his story.


What is the Moon Knight's Weapon arsenal?

Moon Knight usually carries a baton that can be modified into a long staff. Later, he used only his staff, now made of adamantium. He also uses the cape of his costume to glide through the air currents.

He frequently uses some kind of darts in the shape of crescent moons. These are hidden in his suit and work in a similar way to shuriken. He keeps a supply of these darts on the outside of his belt, on either side of the buckle. Although he normally uses them as a throwing weapon, he also uses the crescent moons in close combat. The visual design of these darts (inspired by Khonshu) is supposed to reflect the shape of the Gibbous Moon. After abandoning these darts for his Egyptian arsenal, he resumed the habit of using them. It was with one of them that he mutilated Raoul Bushman's face.

Moon Knight Ankh 

Cover of Moon Knight vol. 1 (June 1992) by Gary Kwapisz.

He also used other accessories, depending on the period.

During the Committee's infiltration, he wore silver armbands on each forearm; these were spiked, presumably in preparation for his fight with the werewolf Jack Russell.

He also used an axe, a boomerang, iron darts and bolas. Most of these weapons were designed by Avenger Hawkeye (Clint Barton) for priests during Barton's temporal exile in ancient Egypt.

Moon Knight later used protective armor made of adamantium, with a baton capable of pulling a cable that allowed him to move from building to building. At the same time, he modified his gloves so that they could throw his crescent moon darts.

Under his civilian identity, Marc Spector often used (or still uses) various firearms, which he still occasionally uses as Moon Knight.

His personal fortune provides him with an impressive arsenal of weapons, gadgets, vehicles and high-tech resources. He often travels at night in a mini helicopter or other highly sophisticated aerial vehicles, driven by his friend Frenchie. These vehicles all have a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) system and are equipped with a rope ladder and small 20mm cannons. On several occasions, he has referred to these aircraft as his "Mooncopters" or "Angel Wings ".


Moon Knight Cosplay

Matty_cosplay — https://www.instagram.com/p/CkYZko8umU-/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Cosplay of Moon Knight, Comiccon Chile


What about the Ankh?

After meeting with the priests of Khonshu, he obtained an Ânkh (an Egyptian cross) which he used as a club. 

Marc was given magical Ankhs by the sect that worships his deity during the start of the "Age of Khonshu" event, allowing him to drain and use the primordial abilities that Earth's Mightiest were endowed with as a result of their colorful prehistoric lineage.


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What is the meaning of Moon Knight’s Golden Ankh?

The Ankh is a popular symbol used in ancient Egyptian architecture. The Ankh means “life” in Egyptian and is often used to represent eternal life among other things. Moon Knight’s golden ankh is almost always worn by the antihero. It’s a symbol of immortality and the ability to walk again after death. The Ankh is also a symbol of rebirth.


Where to find Moon Knight’s golden ankh?

The Golden Ankh is a symbol that can be found in various ancient Egyptian locations like tombs, buildings, and pyramids. The meaning isn’t exactly clear but some believe it could represent life or rebirth while others say it stands for immortality or eternal life as well.

Marvel cover

Moon Knight, disegnato da Terry Dodson


The symbolism in the Moon Knight’s Golden Ankh 

There’s a lot of symbolism in the Marvel universe. Heroes, villains, gods, and more all have their ways of representing their themes and ideals. One of these is Moon Knight’s Golden Ankh. If you’ve seen any of the movies starring Willem Dafoe as the superhero, then you might just know this already. But for those who don’t, let us break down what it means and how it relates to the hero.

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It’s easy to conclude from the Golden Ankh that Moon Knight is immortal. He’s survived multiple attacks and even been resurrected. The ankh is also a symbol of rebirth and a sign that life is worth living. These are all things that Moon Knight believes in. So, when he wears the ankh, it shows that he believes in himself, his friends, and his mission. These all make the ankh a powerful symbol, one that symbolizes the essence of Moon Knight.

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