Wich African Symbols are similar to Ankh ?

Wich African Symbols are similar to Ankh ?

Ankh is the African symbol of physical and eternal life for the Egyptians. This symbol is also called the annealed cross.

In the Egyptian script, it means "living" or "life" and is written in our alphabet like this: ankh. 

We find among certain African peoples (Fulani, Douala, etc.), a similarity in meaning and name.

Akwaaba Statue

The cross means :

  • Wonki for the Fulani
  • Akwaaba for the Akan people
  • Longue for the Douala
  • It is also found in the form of a cross with a dot in the centre, called a d
  • Djambiya, which is worn by the Fulani and is a symbol of the faith
  • Among the Dogon, the Ankh cross is a symbol of life, the same symbolic meaning as for the ancient Egyptians "The sign is said "Adinya Kini" = life
  • The sign of Tanit, Phoenician goddess in charge of fertility, births and growth

It also known as the power associated with the elements such as water, air and the sun.


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Gods and king of egypt are often represented wearing the Ankh cross.

  • For the Gods, the loop of the ankh materializes femininity and its central section, masculinity; the ankh thus becomes when associated with Osiris and Isis, the symbol of the union of the Male and Female to give birth to new life, as the Djed Pillar represent Stability
    Depending on the gods it accompanies, its meaning varies. It is the punishment in the hands of Sekmet, warrior deity and daughter of Sun god Ra and the abundance of the living waters of the Nile for the god Hapi
  • For the kings, it corresponds to the gift of immortality given by the god Amun, because they are the representation of the divine on earth. It was placed on the nose of the deceased pharaoh to represent the breath of life he will have in the afterlife.
    Its key shape made it the symbol opening the passage to eternal life after death.

The Agadez Cross

The Agadez Cross (also Agades Cross) is the most popular example of a category of Saharan Berber jewelry made especially by the Tuareg, a Berber people of the Sahara. Only a few of these pieces actually resemble a cross.

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Why wear a Ankh Cross ? 

The Ankh amlulets protects the wearer from evil forces, but also the one who approaches it, it also serves as an antenna or conduit for the divine power of life that permeates the universe. Three crosses represented together determine life, health and strength.

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The Ankh was also in ancient egyptian culture an emblem of the Sun (rolled from the east to the west by a egyptian scarab beetle, representing the life and power of the pharaonic solar god Re-Atum, the first divine child. 

The Ankh was a very important part of the ancient Egyptian art and  funerary ritual, because it is believed that it is only by cutting off one's life that one can find everlasting life.

Ankh Earrings

The Ankh was not only used in funerary rituals, but also in everyday life itself. It was often worn on the left side and symbolized good health and well-being in general.


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