Djed Pillar Ankh

Djed Pillar Ankh

Together with the African Symbol Ankh Cross and the Was-sceptre, the Djed is one of the three most famous tools of the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

  • Ankh expresses life, vitality and is manifested by the air we breathe.
  • The Was-sceptreexpresses the power over crawling beings... By extension, "Ouas" is a scepter of the pharaoh which ensures him the control of the world below, the material world, from which he knows how to extract the quintessence of love.
  • The pillar Djed, which must be erected straight, is a symbol of power, which the profane link to the phallic erection. But for the initiated, Djed hides the symbol of the inner Light, the illumination, the "rise of the kundalini", the "energy of the back", "sa-ankh" of the Egyptians.

The Djed pillar is also often represented in company of the knot of isis, often confused with the Egyptian ankh cross.

We will define in this article what is the anhk cross, the djed pillar, the isis knot and what they are related to each other.

Ankh and Djed Philae Temple

The Djed Pillar

The Djed Pillar is a sacred geometrical form composed of a "trunk" with 4 horizontal flanges in its upper part.

It represents the pillar that supports all worlds and all planes of life. Symbolizing the spine of Osiris, it is the axis that maintains the stability of Life, that makes the link between Earth and Heaven. By straightening the Djed, one identifies with Osiris who has found his vertical axis.

The Egyptian symbolism of the DJED pillar

-Primitively, it seems that the Djed is a shaken tree or a sheaf of cereals linked to the rites of fertility. It is the link between the Earth and the Celestial world.
-In the New Kingdom, the Djed pillar symbolizes the backbone of OSIRIS, the God assassinated by his brother Seth. By killing Osiris, Set overthrew the Djed which represented the stability of the universe.

Also during the ceremony of his coronation and his jubilees, the pharaoh had as a first duty to straighten the sacred pillar symbolizing the resurrection of OSIRIS.
Every year, during the celebrations of the month of Khoiak or ritual of the rebirth of Osiris, the erection of the pillar Djed "gives life again" to the God Osiris as well as to nature and the Universe.

The Djed represents stability and also the assurance of resurrection, of life without end, of incorruptibility, of inexhaustible strength. This is why the Gods always carried the Jed with them.
A Jed placed on the neck of the deceased, on the day of the funeral, ensured that he would become, in the "Lower World", a sanctified and perfect Spirit.
The Djed is often found in amulets. It then has a magical power of protection.
This amulet is often made of gold, in reference to the sun to symbolize light. Although we can also find blue or green Djeds, symbol of regeneration, of rebirth.

Formula of the golden pillar-djed in Le livre des Morts des anciens égyptiens by P.Barguet

"Rise up, Osiris!
You have (again) Your back,
(oh) You whose heart no longer beats;
You have your vertebrae,
(O) He whose heart beats no more.
Put Thyself on Thy side,
that I may put water under You!
I bring Thee the golden pillar-djed;
may You be pleased with it!

Ankh Cross Was Sceptre and Djed Pillar

The Ankh

Ankh cross, hieroglyphic sign of life, meaning in Egyptian the verb "to live" or the name "life". This Egyptian cross represents a kind of key

The Egyptian cross or the "Ankh cross" or "Ankh cross" is the symbol of the divine gift of eternal life.

The Ankh cross is not just a simple symbol to look pretty like so many others. It is very rich in meanings and was often worn as an amulet by the Egyptians

As a symbol of life, it was also considered a symbol of fertility. The Egyptian cross thus represents in some way the continuity of life.

Shaped like a mirror or a knot, the Ankh cross has a large vertical bar and a smaller horizontal bar with an oval at their intersections.

It is placed near the mouth and nose as if to breathe life. Represented near the feet, it offers divine protection to the dead. Different deities are represented with the ânkh. Most often the goddess Isis, but also Maat, goddess of truth, Atum, the sun god and Sekhmet, warrior goddess.

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The Knot of Isis

The tyet or knot of Isis or blood of Isis, in hieroglyphics, is a sacred Egyptian symbol associated with the goddess Isis. It resembles an ânkh, or sign of the cross of life with the horizontal bar on each side turned downward.

Usually depicted along the ânkh and the Djed pillar; it became during the New Kingdom, as a symbol of Isis' strength and magic, as it was with the help of the knots of a cord that Isis gave life back to Osiris as mentioned in the pyramid texts: "Isis and Nephthys used their magic on you with the knots of a cord, in the city of Sais..."; a common protective amulet placed next to or on mummies. The amulet is most often made of red jasper, the color of Isis' blood. It has a protective power, as mentioned in formula 156 of the Book of the Dead:

"You dispose of your blood, Isis, you dispose of your charms, Isis, you dispose of your magic, Isis. The amulet is the protection of this great god, who represses whoever causes him harm."

The Isis knot is often red for the blood of Isis which symbolizes the creative power of the woman. The Isis knot allows, among other things, to purify our memories, to untie our attachments, brings an elevation of Consciousness and like a Channel, helps us to bring down information in our Life.

How the tank cross, the djed pillar, the isis knot and what are related to each other?

The cross is the symbol of the Earth and the pillar of the sky, but it also represents our connection with our ancestors.

The isis knot, or "the knot of Isis" represents a link between two things: First, it connects us to Isis, who was believed to be the feminine principle of creation (creation represented by the cross in Egyptian religion) and second, it connects us to Osiris who was considered as an embodiment of life-giving force (life representing Djed pillar) and rebirth.

When we place an amulet on ourselves or on another person that symbolizes these three ideas we are expressing our existence in three ways: firstly, by linking us to the feminine principle ( Isis Knot), secondly - to Osiris in order for him to be able to bring life and rebirth to us, thirdly - by connecting us to the djed pillar so that we may be able to bring life and rebirth to others.

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