Is it offensive to wear an Ankh and can anyone wear it ?

Is it offensive to wear an Ankh and can anyone wear it ?

The ankh cross can be worn by almost anyone, as it is a universal symbol. Because the ankh cross is so widespread, it can be worn by anyone of any faith as long as it isn’t offensive or cultural appropriation attempt.

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How to wear an Ankh in a non offensive way ? 

To make sure that nobody feels excluded from wearing your personal version of the cross there are several things you should keep in mind while choosing where you wear yours.

For example: When you go to a party where you know that many of the guests are pan-Africanists and you don't particularly share Afrocentric ideas, or you simply don't know anything about them, avoid wearing an ankh cross on that night. You might create discomfort with people who identify with ancient black culture. Also, do not wear your ankh cross if you do not know someone who has been baptized into a Christian church. The reason for this is because wearing it can confuse people who have no idea what your religion means.

When the ankh cross is worn with respect, it can bring about a sense of balance and harmony within you that can result in increased psychic ability, more positive thought and feelings, improved circulation and perception, and even a reduction in stress levels. Although the ankh cross is a universal symbol, note that it is often associated with African-American culture.

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Why wear an Ankh ? 

The ankh cross symbolizes the union of male and female, and the key of life. The ankh is often associated with the Egyptian god Osiris, who was killed by his brother Seth and then brought back to life with the help of the goddess Isis. The ankh is also a symbol of life, fertility, and the Between- Worlds. It's also used as a symbol of peace and hope.

So whatever its significance, the ankh cross is an important symbol that deserves respect.

Wearing an Ankh meant that you were a person who exemplified all of these things. In other words, anyone who wore an Ankh was seen as very saintly and honorable, not to mention very influential in society

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