What does wearing an ankh mean

What does wearing an ankh mean

The meanings of the ankhs all depend on the culture and time it was first used.

The Ankh cross In ancient Egypt

For example, in ancient Egypt, the Ankh is a symbol of eternal love and life.

  • It represents a union between the masculine and feminine principles of the universe, thus representing balance and health.
  • The ankh is also connected to fertility and the cycle of life.
  • The ankhs were also associated with the sun, prosperity and well-being.
  • The Egyptian hieroglyphs spell out the word ‘eternity’. It is also the name of an ancient Egyptian symbol that was used to represent eternity.

Ankh Nowadays

The Ankh is also a very popular symbol in the occult community. Some believe that wearing the ankh is a way of keeping love alive; others believe that it is a way of encouraging fertility in a relationshipMeaning it can represent anything that has to do with everlasting love, good health and a connection to the afterlife. 

If you wear an ankh necklace on an every-day basis, you can wear it on the front or back of your neck. The front may be more popular, because it is more accessible and convenient to wear. You can choose to wear your ankh necklace at all times, or only during special occasions, like Valentine’s Day, Diwali, Christmas, etc. If you don’t usually wear jewelry, try wearing your ankh necklace as a daily reminder of what it means to live life with passion and love.


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So by wearing an Ankh, you are saying goodbye to the world you know and embracing the unknown life that lies ahead of you. Wearing it low on your neck means that you’re ready for new experiences, new loves and new challenges in this life – so go out there and live! 

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