How to draw an Ankh cross ?

How to draw an Ankh cross ?

The ankh cross is an ancient Egyptian symbol. According to egyptologists, in ancient Egypt (kemet), the hieroglyphic symbolism in the temples and tombs of the cross carried by the various gods and goddesses the gift of life (the breath of life), resurrection and life after death, and sometimes royalty.  It's also known as The Key of the Nile or the Cross of the Nile.


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Today, it is used to draw tattoo designs for those who recognize themselves in the Egyptian culture. It can be embellished with angel wings, a cobra, a lotus flower...etc. 

We will now show you how to draw it.

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Classic drawing of ankh cross



This one is quite simple to design. You can find a base with a Christian cross, the proportions are the same. Use the golden ratio to be sure of your measurements. Then simply replace the top of the cross with an oval shape. 

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Drawing the Egyptian cross according to the sacred geometry. 


This one is much more technical and is reserved for experienced designers. Base yourself on the drawing of the sacred lotus to find the exact proportions of the ankh cross as it was stylized in the ancient Egyptian civilization. 


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