Is Ankh in the bible ?

Is Ankh in the bible ?


There is no verses in the Bible that mentions Ankh, the cross of life in the ancient Egyptian religion.

However, if you have an open mind, look carefully at our images and let the doubt and the instinct transport you...

Jesus Ankh

The origin of the cross

The cross has its origin in the ancient Babylonians of Chaldea (see Babylon Mystery Religion). Chaldea is located south of present day Baghdad in the diamond formed by the lower Tigris and Euphrates rivers. From there, a rapid progression was made to China, India, parts of Africa including Egypt and other places around the world before Christianity was born.

Originally, the cross was a pagan symbol whose primary shape was a "T" symbolizing the initial of the god Thammuz, a character from a pagan Babylonian myth. Many meanings have been attached to this symbol throughout time:

  • In Europe, specifically where Italy is today, centuries before our era, it was already considered a religious symbol and was placed on tombs as protection against the spirits of the dead. This practice spread throughout the world. It is still present today in the four corners of the globe.
  • In Egypt, the cross had a different shape than those we know today. This cross was called "annealed cross" or ANKH where the upper part was a circle. This allowed it to be used as a jewel. It symbolized eternal life and fertility. That is why it was put in the tomb of the pharaohs that the Egyptians of the time considered as immortal gods. It is from this cross that many religions derive theirs namely: cabalistic cross - Celtic cross - druids' cross - Christian cross - Buddhist cross - Byzantine cross etc...
  • Let's talk about the cross in the Roman Empire, since it was under this regime that Jesus Christ was crucified. It was used as an instrument of torture reserved for the condemnation to death of slaves, criminals and repressions against local revolts. But crucifixion was not born in the Roman Empire.

This method of execution came from the Persians. It will simply know its most diabolical meaning with the Romans. Contrary to some peoples for whom it was a protection, it was for the Persians as well as for the Romans the very symbol of evil and curse. It is undoubtedly the cruelest means of execution in the history of humanity. The condemned died by asphyxiation in a slow way under the heat, the suffering and the mockery of the people.

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Taking up the Cross: Significance

As we said above, the cross was not born with Christianity. It was not adopted as a symbol of Christianity until three centuries after the founding of the church under Emperor Constantine.

Today it is the most widely used religious symbol in the world. The religious entity where the use of this symbol is most widespread is Catholicism referring to the death of Jesus Christ. It is almost impossible for it to be absent from the walls of a Catholic's home.

This use extends to ornamental objects such as jewelry, rosaries, pins... Others have it on their skin as a tattoo as a sign of beauty. This practice can only be explained by a misinterpretation of the Bible that the Catholic Church has been teaching for centuries and that has led to the cross becoming an idol and/or a protection.

This teaching is based on Matthew 16:24: "Then Jesus said to his disciples: If anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

Ankh vs Christian Cross

What does it mean to take up one's cross?

The cross is the cruelest means of torture known to mankind today. It was used to kill slaves, criminals and social outcasts. Many prophecies have announced the coming and the death of Jesus Christ. But none of these prophecies mention the cross as the means that would be used to kill him.

The cross would not be revealed by Jesus himself until some time before his death when he states later in Matthew 20:18-19: "Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be delivered to the chief priests and scribes. They will condemn him to death, and deliver him to the Gentiles, that they may mock him and scourge him and crucify him; and on the third day he will rise again.

Only then will the disciples know that the Lord must pass through the cross to enter his infinite glory. Throughout the passion, the Lord suffered all kinds of humiliation. He was spat upon, he was insulted, he was beaten, he was denied by his own disciples... all because he carried the cross which symbolized shame and curse. If we want to follow Jesus, we must be prepared to go through what he went through.

Taking up one's cross here is not to be taken literally. The cross here is all that we will endure when we choose to follow Jesus Christ namely: rejection from our own, bad looks, self-denial (self-sacrifice) and others.

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Ancient Egypt Bible and Christianity : there is a whole history, many Christian stories. 
We must not forget that many Christian saints of God have made the history of Egypt

Ânkh Cross is a protection of God, many people have noticed the similarities with the Christian Cross & it is important that you know the truth because God is the truth, everything that God does, he does it out of Love for us and this sign represents the Destiny.

A Christian story states that a man escaped from a pyramid and survived the darkness of Egypt thanks to the relics of Fate.

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