Ankh with wings tattoo meaning

Ankh with wings tattoo meaning

The Ankh cross, also known as the Egyptian cross of life, is a very important symbol of the ancient Egyptian culture, today often used as tattoo. It is a special cross because it has an oval shape, a kind of circle, in the upper part. It is called "Key of Life".

In the Egyptian script, it means "to live" or "life" and is written in our alphabet like this: ankh. This cross is the symbol of immortality because it is carried in the hand by all the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. This cross represents life after death and can also be seen as a key to the kingdom of the dead. It therefore inspires mainly eternal life and power.

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Origins and symbolism of the Ankh Cross

In the beginning, it was a symbol worn by the pharaohs, but as time went on and power shifted, the beliefs of the Egyptian people changed. One of these changes was that the Ankh Cross became a symbol that concerned all people, regardless of their social status. What we are talking about has over 3000 years of history and refers to a time when man wore the Egyptian cross as a symbol of immortality.

The word Ankh means "life" to the Egyptians. That is why many pharaohs used it in their name: the most famous example is Tut-Ankh-Amon. His full name would mean "living image of Amun". Amun was the god of the poor, one of the most present gods in the history of this people.

Another statement concerning the symbolism represented by the Egyptian cross or Ankh, refers to the sexual attributes of the man and the woman. The female sexual organ would be represented on the upper part and the male on the lower part. It is considered a way to represent the union of opposites, reproduction, fertility and sexual union. Another meaning of this symbol is that it represents the womb and alludes to the goddess of Roman mythology, Venus.

It is a universal symbol that represents eternal life, that which is transcendent and that which is infinite. It is also used today as decoration, or makeup, like the ankh warrior artist of Kiss, Vinnie Vincent

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Tattoos of the Ankh Cross

Given its profound meaning and longevity in human culture, this cross is a very often chosen option in the world of tattoos. There are multiple designs, where black and gold predominate. The size of the design can be very small and its style minimalist, but it can also be much larger and drawn in a realistic style.

Everything will depend on the style of cross chosen for the tattoo, which can be made of wood or metal, smooth, with inlays or carved. Some are even accompanied by other symbols important to the Egyptians such as scarabs or wings.

Finally, no place can be considered better than another, even if the most chosen are the arms and the back.

Some photos of Ankh with wings tattoo  

perfect Ankh with wings and eyes tattoo Horus on the forearm

 There are clean lines and lots of little dots here, where each component shines out and works well together. And the threads give this ink a vibrant appearance.


 The Ankh and the left eye of Ra Tattoo in black on the calf for men

 The skillful use of black and gray ink gives the wings and natural eye form a smooth appearance. Such a tattoo is bound to draw notice! 


Ankh Cross tattoo with wings and eyes dotwork

Lots of black, crisp contours, and soft dots make this piece stand out. Because of the light gap above, it appears that the pyramid is producing light. The tattoo conveys a powerful statement.


Ankh sign with wings and Scarab tattoo

 It's as though a chunk of the pyramid wall has been shifted onto the sleeve. Examining each detail, each brick, and each spring. The artist's work is outstanding. Learn here more about ankh painting. 


ankh tattoo lotus flower back women

The curving contours of the lotus petals and the key of life are perfectly complemented with smooth elbows, tiny threads, and beads. Beautiful pieces of art

Egyptian eternal life symbol tattoo with wings on the box

 The black and gray style of this tattoo adds to the overall meaning of the artwork. A master has captured the design's chiaroscuro well.


Egyptian symbol tattoo on the ribs with Roman numerals

In a tattoo, Roman numbers and the Egyptian emblem for endless life complement each other well. The picture is completed by a similar darkening and highlighting of the color..


Ankh Neck Tattoo with wings

 The artist has created exquisite shadows here, adding dimension to the Egyptian cross. The outlining approach works well here, giving the appearance that the Ankh and wings are created in pencil.


Ankh with wings tattoos

Outstanding effort. The tattoo looks voluminous and lifelike due to the gray tone and delicate shadows. A good choice for males.

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